During the start of the production of Collectie Arnhem Product, entirely unexpected we lost our dear head teacher, Wilma Sommers. She was always committed to us as students and she fought to put our division on the map. She was the motivator/the power behind Collectie Arnhem Product.


This scarf is a homage from the students of Collectie Arnhem Product 2012 to Wilma. Wilma is ever more a part of this collection. Equally in spirit as in words.


Some dream. Some Do. Some do both.


This was her message, a life- and designattitude she always tried to pass on to her students. We hope that in this way, her words will live on. Gratefully we shall always carry her with us.



Juliette Huygen

Roos Sanders

Anne Vaandrager




© Copyright Juliette Huygen