Fifties housewife / Muffin bag


Defining succes

How to be the perfect fifties housewive

When I was asked about my definition of succes I answered that in many forms succes is like a facade. Rarely it’s about what you think of yourself, it is what other people think of you. Succes is often measured by the number of compliments a day. To me the perfect enbodiement of this form of succes is the fifties housewive. Is her life not entirely about keeping up appearances?

Succes is always looking swell, imagine someone seeing you undone!

Succes is baking the perfect muffin

Succes is an immaculate housekeeping, even if it means cleaning the entire day

Succes is the wasp waist, no dressing for you!

Succes is an everlasting radiant smile, complaining is not an option!

Succes is the perfect facade, but what’s underneath it?



© Copyright Juliette Huygen