Design Anthropologist


A book of 4 English fairytales, plotter printed, written and illustrated by Juliette Huygen, 75 pages, hardcover.


Free blown glass

One of the conditions for euthanasia is unbearable suffering. In current cases this is mostly measured on a psychical scale, but the emotional scale is often disregarded. Is pain of the heart and mind not considered true pain? Who is to decide which suffering is unbearable? Can inner feelings be measured and if so, is the volume of tears we shed a gauge for our grief?

3D printed version, polyester, glass, magnetic needle


Powdercoated steel, POM/nylon gears, leather

Oftentimes the difficulty with euthanasia lies with the next-of-kin. They are often the ones who try desperately to cling to the live of their loved one. What happens when a man is barely more than a physical presence? When are all the efforts of treatments, medicine, doctors and constant postponing no longer equal to the life that is regained? All this machine does is simulate a minor caress, a mechanical affection. When comes the time you dare to let go?


Pearwood, laser engraving, glass, magnetic needle, golden pocket watch chain

What is it that makes us fear euthanasia so? We lose ourselves in rules and regulations and fear to give our emotions a say in the matter. Is our conscience let by rationality or by the heart? Often in difficult times the conscience is treated as an ever-indeclinable force, unchangeable. Does not every situation require a different state of mind? This compass lets you choose your moral north, a conscience you choose to follow. Is your conscience a rational thing or a matter of the heart and if you have made your choice, will you forever meekly follow?

© Copyright Juliette Huygen